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Driver Slams Into Pompano Beach Home

A driver, arriving from running errands, accidentally slammed into her own home.Broward Sheriff’s deputies said 72-year old Margaret Peterson was arriving at her Pompano Beach home located at 725 N.W. 15 Court.
She had arrived from shopping when she accidentally drove her car into her home.
No injuries were reported in the incident.
Peterson is not facing any charges.
The extent of the damage to the home at this time is undetermined.

Girl Killed After Being Struck By Jumping Sturgeon In Boat

A sturgeon leaped into a boat, hitting and killing a 5-year old girl.
Wildlife officials say Jaylon Rippy died after being struck Thursday night. Her brother and mother were also injured and taken to a Gainesville hospital. Their condition was not known.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say this is the first fatality recorded from a sturgeon strike on the Suwannee River. Four people have been injured by jumping sturgeon this year, including two boaters who were taken to the hospital Friday.
Wildlife officials say Colleen Harvey, 42, and her husband Charles, 41, were struck while boating along the Santa Fe River.
Low water levels are causing the sturgeon to jump more frequently than in recent years. Boaters are urged to wear life jackets and avoid the bow of the boat to avoid injury.

Craft Brewers Toast As New Growler Law Takes Effect

Breweries around Florida toasted to a new law that took effect allowing them to fill 64-ounce take-home growlers.
The new law started Wednesday, and local breweries around Florida poured frothy beverages and held parties to wave goodbye to what they said was a confusing old law.
Florida’s craft brewers were barred previously from selling the popular-sized 64-ounce refillable growlers because of an outdated law meant to assist big brewers, retailers and distributors.
Revelers at Gainesville’s First Magnitude and Swamp Head breweries were joined by local lawmakers to fill 64-ouncers for the first time.
First Magnitude co-owner John Denny says before the law, craft beer aficionados from out of the area would bring their own 64-ounce growlers to fill — but couldn’t.

10 People Rescued After Boat Capsized

10 people have been rescued after the boat they were on capsized, according to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.
A news releases from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue says crew reposed to reports of a boating accident at 4 o'clock p.m. The first arriving crews reported that the vessel had capsized and people were in the water.
Palm Beach Fire Rescue says that 10 people were rescued with the help of passing boaters who picked them up and brought them to the shore.
Once on shore, the people were evaluated by paramedics and no injuries were reported.

Former teacher gets 22 years for sex with students

A former central Florida high school teacher has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for having sex with three of her male students.
A Polk County judge sentenced 30-year-old Jennifer Fichter on Thursday. She pleaded guilty in March to 37 child sex charges. She still faces three counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor in Hillsborough County.
Fichter initially was arrested in April 2014 on allegations she had carried on a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy who attended the Central Florida Aerospace Academy in Lakeland, where she had taught English for three years.
Two more victims, both 17, came forward following news reports of her arrest.

Sharks in the water

A record number of shark attacks has locals keeping a close eye on what’s swimming with them during Independence Day weekend.
Swimmers along Stuart Beach noticed something startling Friday afternoon.
“It was a ten foot bull shark. So we started sprinting as fast as we could out of the water," said beach goer Leanna Livings, “We were yelling to get out of the water because there was a giant shark.”
Onlookers watched as the shark cruised close to shore.
It has been a common sight along the east coast.
Uncommonly, so have attacks.
“I think something strange is going on because the trend is normally zero or just one attack in that area in any one year,” said Dr. Samuel Gruber, Director of the Bimini Sharklab Research Facility.
There have been 23 reported shark attacks in U.S. waters this year.
In North Carolina, there have been seven attacks in the past three weeks.
That's the most ever recorded in the eighty years since the University of Florida began tracking shark attacks.
The most recent attack was on Wednesday.
Bait fishing, sea turtle migration, lunar cycles and global warming, are just a few theories why.
“People swim in warm waters like Florida and tropical waters. So you have more people in the water with more sharks, you’re likely to get shark attacks,” Dr. Gruber said.
The National Park Service is warning beach goers to stay close to the shore and swim in small groups.
Other safety tips include avoiding the water at twilight and at night. Also, avoid wearing shiny objects like jewelry.

Chestnut's 8-Year Reign ends At Nathan's Hot Dog Contest

For the first time in nearly a decade, the world's hot dog king is someone not named Joey Chestnut.
Matthew "Megatoad" Stonie devoured 62 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes at Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York on Saturday, beating longtime champion Chestnut's tally of 60 and winning his first mustard yellow belt.
At 5-foot-8 and 130 pounds, Stonie beat his own record of 56 from last year's contest.
A smiling Stonie told the crowd it was surreal to win on the sport's biggest stage.
He was a humble victor.
"Joey is an amazing competitor," Stonie said of his rival.
"I know he brings 100% to the Fourth of July and he is a legend of the sport," he told ESPN2, which broadcast the event.
"To beat him by a couple of hot dogs this year is... you know I trained hard for this and I can't say I came in confident, but I came prepared," Stonie said.
Fans wearing Nathan's hats cheered for Stonie throughout the competition while others held signs reading "Joey ate my lunch."
Chestnut had won eight straight titles at the eating contest at Brooklyn's Coney Island. He still holds the record of 69 hot dogs from his 2013 competition.
"I just had trouble," Chestnut said after the competition. "I was slow and he was eating fast."
Last year, Chestnut made additional headlines when he proposed to his girlfriend just before the competition, but the two split earlier this year.
"I did bad, he deserved to win," Chestnut said of Stonie.
"I've been looking for a competition for a long time and now I have it, and now he's made me hungry," Chestnut said, and vowed he'd definitely come back for a rematch next year.
Shortly after the reigning king was defeated, Nathan's tweeted thanks to Chestnut, saying he has been an "incredible champion for 8-straight years & showed his class in his defeat."
Asked on Twitter how he prepared for the contest, Chestnut tweeted, "I eat almost no solid food for about 2 days before a big contest. Keep loose and empty with lots of liquid."
In the women's competition, Miki Sudo won for the second consecutive year, eating 38 hot dogs -- four more than her mark last year. The runner-up was Sonya Thomas, who still holds the women's contest record of 45 dogs.
"Compared to last year I was incredibly underprepared," Sudo said. "I hadn't practiced but somehow was able to pull it off."
The famous men's competition has taken place annually since 1972. The women's competitive eating competition began just four years ago in 2011.Contestants compete for prize money.

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