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Man pleads guilty in embezzlement scheme

A central Florida man faces 20 years in prison for embezzling more than $1.5 million from a local art gallery.
The U.S. Attorney's Office reports that 48-year-old Jeffrey Hall of Maitland has pleaded guilty to mail fraud and agreed to pay restitution for the embezzlement scheme.
Authorities say Hall used his position at the art gallery over a two-year period to divert proceeds from artwork sales to his own personal bank accounts. According to court documents, he also used the gallery's artwork as collateral for himself and sold some of the pieces on eBay.
Hall is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 19. He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Florida Supreme Court rules in favor of dog tracks

The Supreme Court upheld a law that will allows two former jai alai fronton operators convert their pari-mutuel licenses to dog racing.
The ruling Wednesday reverses an appeals court decision that called the law unconstitutional. The appeals court said the legislation was a special law, rather than a general law because it only affected Volusia and Palm Beach counties.
The Florida Constitution requires the Legislature to give advance notice before passing a special law or require voter approval in the affected areas.
But the Supreme Court said the 2010 law is valid.
The case affects West Volusia Racing Inc., formerly known as Volusia Jai Alai Inc., and License Acquisitions LLC, doing business as Palm Beach Greyhound Racing. Neither has conducted jai alai games for more than a decade.

Keys man accused of stealing from church

A man is accused of stealing from a church in the Florida Keys where he was serving community service.
The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says 22-year-old Brian Sheppard was arrested Wednesday. He's charged with grand theft, dealing in stolen property and fraud.
Shepperd had been working at Vineyard Community Church earlier this year as part of his probation. Sheriff's officials say he stole computer equipment, an air compressor and other items. The items were sold to a pawn shop.
The church's pastor and his son noticed the items were missing and found them at the pawn shop. They reported the crime on Monday.
Police say Shepperd confessed to stealing the items.
It's not clear whether Shepperd has an attorney.

Panther killed in southwest Florida

Officials say a Florida panther was killed by a vehicle in southwest Florida.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that the 6-month-old uncollared male was found Friday in Collier County, on Golden Gate Boulevard in Golden Gate Estates. The remains will be taken to a Gainesville facility for a necropsy.
This is the 27th Florida panther death of 2014, the 20th hit by a vehicle.
Florida panthers once roamed the entire southeastern U.S., but only around 160 remain in the wild.

Sailor shot outside mom's apartment

Broward Sheriff's deputies say a U.S. Navy sailor is in critical condition after being shot while standing in front of his mother's apartment building.
The shooting happened about 8:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving night in North Lauderdale, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale.
Officials say Anthon Adams remained in critical condition on Friday.
The sheriff's violent crimes unit is investigating.

Police: Man fled crash to avoid yelling girlfriend

Police in New Jersey say a man told officers he fled the scene of an auto accident because he "didn't want to deal with his girlfriend yelling at him."
They say David Scarpa was having an argument with his girlfriend Sunday night when he backed into a utility pole in Cumberland County. The caller who reported the hit-and-run said he heard people "yelling" and then heard a bang and saw debris on the ground by the pole.
Police say the 21-year-old Scarpa then took off and didn't report the accident immediately.
Scarpa went to police headquarters to turn himself in Monday.
Police say that Scarpa has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving.
The crash happened in east Orange County on Thanksgiving afternoon.
Authorities say 64-year-old Steven Proctor was backing up his truck when he struck 65-year-old Randi Wheeler.
Troopers say they believe the incident was an accident. An investigation continues.

New frog species groans, coughs

Scientists have discovered a new frog species in southern New Jersey that makes some un-froglike sounds.
The Atlantic Coast leopard frog groans and makes coughing noises rather than croaking sounds. The unfamiliar call attracted the notice of wildlife experts several years ago in Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Morris County.
They photographed the frog and concluded it wasn't the northern leopard frog or southern leopard frog.
A Rutgers University-led team recently identified the species in an online scientific journal. Experts say it shows that the state's marshes and swamps are valuable to wildlife, even in urban or suburban areas.
The frog has been found along the Delaware River and bay, the Atlantic Ocean coastline, in the Meadowlands and New York's Staten Island.

Idaho police stop Oregonian driving in circles

Folks who live near Idaho's western border may complain about Oregon drivers, but a pair charged with shoplifting in Nampa on Thanksgiving made police officers' jobs a lot easier this week.
After reports of ongoing shoplifting, Nampa officers responded to a busy parking lot full of holiday shoppers. When they tried to arrest Gregory Redner and Camilla Hunt, both of Oregon, the pair fled.
Police say Hunt ran to a car and drove away. Given the potential threat to public safety, the police declined to pursue her in the busy parking lot.
But Hunt didn't make an escape. Instead, she drove in circles.
Police laid a spike strip down and Hunt drove over it, deflating two of her tires.
The pair face multiple charges.

NYC pair weds on subway train

A young couple in New York City decided they spent so much time on the subway they might as well get married there.
So Hector Irakliotis and Tatyana Sandler exchanged vows Friday on the N train as it crossed from Brooklyn into Manhattan.
The 26-year-old groom boarded first with his groomsmen, who set about decorating the poles and seats with white ribbons.
The 25-year-old bride and her maid of honor got on several stops later.
An interfaith chaplain performed the ceremony as the train went over the Manhattan Bridge. Riders applauded as the couple were pronounced husband and wife.
The groom said that he and Sandler chose their unconventional wedding venue because they spent so much of their courtship on the subway.

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